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Step 1 - Record!
First you record your SloMo Video!

Guest's step in-front of the Slow Motion Booth and the high-speed camera records a 4-10 second video. Using all kinds of neat new props such as confetti, bubbles, and balloons you get exciting videos that were never before possible!
Step 2 - Review!
Then your SloMo recording plays right back!

The 4-10 second video is then replayed to them at 4x-8x Slow Motion in HD! After reviewing the video, guest's then have the option to replay, re-do, or move on to the next step.
Step 3 - Print!
Now it's time to choose frame to print!

Guest's are then presented with 30 still images from the video. From here, they will choose 3 of which they'd like to have printed on 4x6 photo paper for memories that will last a lifetime!
Step 4 - Share!
Now you can instantly share you SloMo Video!

While their pictures are printing, the guest's can then share their Slow Motion Booth video with the world by Social Media or Email!