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24 February 2014
 February 24, 2014

Anytime a new product comes out on the market, it is hard to take the plunge and make a bet on its success; a lot of the time, people wait to hear from other friends in the industry before purchasing a new product. Our question to you is, why not be that friend? Here’s why you should invest in the Slow Motion Video Booth craze:

Make (A Lot) More Money!

First and for most it’s no secret that the Photo Booth rental market is getting extremely saturated, even in rural areas. Some of our customers are only able to get $300-$500 for a standard Photo Booth rental even on prime weekend nights! What’s the reason for this? Weekend Warriors. While we encourage folks to follow their intuition, the fact is there’s too many people out there that see a Photo Booth at a wedding and say “I can do this”. Since most of these people already have careers, a lot of them are just doing gigs on the weekends to be able to go on that vacation to Disney World this year thus undercutting the full-time Special Event Companies.

Well, I already knew that so how can SloMo Booth help? 

Simple! These Weekend Warriors are not interested in reinvesting in their business, and don’t care about quality so much since they are just trying to make some vacation money. What we’ve created is something that most people can’t replicate easily (custom software, camera, etc.), and because of that our customers are able to hone in on a special market. This market is comprised of Brides, Grooms, Mitzvah Parents, and Corporate clients that are constantly looking for something “Different“.

Our customers are getting an average of $1,800.00 to $2,500.00 for a SloMo rental! Not only are SloMo Booth operators getting more than double what they get from a traditional Photo Booth rental, they are making pure profit after only 3 rentals! On top of that they are receiving calls for this service multiple times per week leading to an average of 2 bookings per week and that number is on a rapid upward trend. Two bookings per week, at $2,000 per booking, is a $208,000 per year return on a mere $4,000 investment. Heck, even if you only book one per week you’re still looking at a $104,000 return. This is an incredible market response for a product that has been available for 1 year!

John, I’m getting calls almost every day from people wanting to know about the SloMo [Booth]. 

Bryan Buckingham, Chicago Memory Booth

Be The First To Capture The Market!

What generally happens when a Special Event company introduces a new product to their market? They get all of the business!

We have roughly 65 customers currently and every single one of them will tell you that they haven’t looked back since they purchased a SloMo Booth. Our customers have revived their Photo Booth(s) with something new, more than doubled their profits on Photo Booth Rentals, and have generated an incredible buzz simply by adding our equipment to their existing Photo Booth.

There couldn’t be a better time to invest in a Slow Motion Photo Booth! With around 65 customers currently, there is an abundance of markets still available that this product would adapt extremely well to.

It’s More Fun!

We know that comes off a little harsh, but it’s true! While traditional Photo Booths will always be entertaining, the SloMo Booth is simply unavoidable and here’s why:

Still Not Convinced?

We know, you can’t trust everything you read on a blog post so we’d love for you to reach out to us and we will prove ourselves worthy! We’d be happy to connect you with real customers of ours who’d love to share their SloMo Booth experiences with you.
You can contact us on here, call us at (877) 978-0987, or use our live chat in the bottom right corner when we’re online.

One response on “How To Get More Money Out Of Your Photo Booth

  1. Andy Roberts says:

    Hi John
    I have to be honest I’d never heard of this concept until a corporate client asked me if I do a Slow Motion Booth last month, so here I am, researching !!
    Can you give me some advice please as I would like to find out more !!
    Kind Regards
    Andy (Weekend Warrior for over 25 years but never one to want to work for nothing)

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