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What's the difference between SloMo Booth and a standard Photo Booth?
SloMo Booth is much more versatile than just your average photo booth. SloMo Booth can be a Photo Booth and a Slow Motion Video Booth! In SloMo Mode, clients can use props and different movements that a standard photo booth could never capture! If you're not convinced, just watch the video on our homepage.
Can I add SloMo Booth to my existing Photo Booth?
Absolutely! We have installed and tested SloMo Booth in many existing Photo Booths! Using our Photo Booth Upgrade Kit, you can easily take our custom High Speed Camera and insert it into your existing Photo Booth; then all you have to do is install the SloMo Booth Software! We also offer Turn-Key solutions for those who want to have a dedicated Slow Motion Photo Booth.
How much can I expect to get for a SloMo Booth rental?
That really depends on your market. Just to give you a ballpark idea though, clients in our larger markets (LA, NYC, Vegas, Miami) are seeing anywhere from $3,500-$5,000 for a 4 hour SloMo Booth rental.

Obviously not all markets are the same, but most of our customers are getting at least $1,500 for a night, which is significantly higher than a standard photo booth!
Do you guys offer a full-featured option?
Yes we do! If you'd like to introduce a whole new look to your market, we offer our Turn-Key SloMo Booth system which comes with everything you need to have a photo booth business!

Our powder-coated aluminum shell is an open air style which fits the printer, all-in-one computer, camera, and LED lighting. The best part is, it will all fit in your compact car! To learn more about our different packages, visit our Purchase page.
What are the "New Props" you talk about on your pages?
Because SloMo Booth uses a high-speed camera, we are able to capture object movement at 4x faster than a DSLR camera! This allows us to introduce fun and exciting props that would be irrelevant with a standard Photo Booth. Some of the props we use include:

-Silly String
-Confetti/Confetti Poppers
-Bubbles and Colored Bubbles
-Fans to blow hair
-Nerf Guns
-Boxing Gloves

These are just a few of the many new props you can bring to your events! To make clean up easier, just extend your backdrop an additional 10', seamless paper works best, and clean-up will be a breeze!
What is the difference between what you have and other Slow Motion Photo Booths?
Great question! SloMo Booths has developed a dedicated, fully featured software that takes all of the work out of the Slow Motion Photo Booth. Other companies that have Slow Motion Photo Booths are buying or renting expensive production cameras, using a studio-style tripod and light set-up, and then editing the video after the event for a highlight reel in about a week.

We developed SloMo Booth because of the following issues we saw with this:

1. The guest's at the event don't get to take anything home with them. With SloMo Booth, our software prints stills and allows video uploads instantly!
2. It doesn't look very professional. In our opinion, a photo booth is an elegant looking piece of hardware, not a camera on a tripod. Our system fits in every booth on the market, or you can purchase our aluminum enclosure.
3. Those cameras are just too expensive! The custom high-speed camera we use shoots 240fps in HD for half the cost! Some of the cameras Slow Motion Photo Booth companies are using cost $1,500+ per day just to rent!

If you'd like us to clarify something for you or have additional questions, just give us a call!
What is the difference between your Standard camera and PRO camera?
While our Standard camera is definitely capable of getting the job done in most situations, the PRO camera just take SloMo to a whole new level!

Using this camera, customers can now shoot at speeds of up to 240fps in HD with zero motion blur and excellent light capture. The PRO camera is very comparable to the Sony FS-700 which is a $9,000 camera, ours is about 2/3 the price and includes our revolutionary software!
What features does your software have?
Our revolutionary Slow Motion Booth Software includes the following features:

  • - HD High Speed Video Recording Up To 260fps!
  • - Instant Replay In Slow Mo with Speed Up/Sow Down Function
  • - Frame Selection & Instant Printing with Branding
  • - Instant Social Upload to Facebook, Twitter, Email YouTube, and SMS!
  • - Incredible Custom Branding Options & Data Collection
  • - Slow Motion Green Screen
  • - Animated GIF Creation
  • - Age Gate & Opt-In
  • - 2x Faster Processing Than Competing Software at HIGHER Resolution & Frame-rate!!