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New! Shoot up to 260fps in HD with our Pro camera!!

Greenscreen Photo & Video – SloMo or Standard Speed

SloMo Booth also offers you the ability to produce stunning Green Screen Photos and Videos using our proprietary software. You can record the videos for playback in SloMo or just normal speed! Think along the lines of running away from an exploding car in SloMo =)
the slow motion booth high-speed camera's shoot up to 260fps!

Advanced High Speed Camera’s – Shoot up to 260fps In HD!

We offer two camera solutions, both of which offer incredible Slow Motion capabilities. With our Pro series camera you can shoot up to 260fps in HD, that's 10x Slow Motion!! Some people are trying to do a Slow Motion Photo Booth with a GoPro which isn't meant for controlled environments and has too wide of a lens; or even worse, a DSLR which only shoots at 60fps (Hardly High Speed). There is no comparison to our custom High Speed Camera's, and after watching our demo videos, we're sure you'll agree!

The ROI on slow motion booths is excellent: up to 3x that of a regular photo booth.

Excellent ROI – Same Price As Other Photo Booths

SloMo Booth is in the same price range as other photo booths, but it's an entirely new product! By adding SloMo Booth to your offerings you will be able to ask a premium in your market. Most SloMo Booth users are getting about double the rate they were getting with their standard Photo Booth!
SloMo Booths offers comprehensive data collection from your slow motion booth event

Integrates With Your Existing Photo Booth

You can easily turn your existing Photo Booth into a SloMo Booth - Our system fits into all of the most popular Photo Booths! We even have documentation to show you how to do it!

Share your slow motion video instantly with our SloMo Booth software!

Social Media Integration – Facebook, Twitter, Email, and More!

We are revolutionizing the way guest's interact with Social Media at Photo Booths by introducing innovative new features! One of our most exciting is the ability to have your companies Twitter account send a Tweet to the guest with Photo Booth Images/Videos!! This is great for everyone, guest's no longer have to type in their login information and you get the exposure of the guest's retweeting your Company account with their videos and photos.
Capture data from your slow motion event for advertising purposes.

Comprehensive Data Capture – Email, Social Media, and Demographics

Within our SloMo Booth software we have implemented some great Data Capturing tools. As the Admin, you can enable email entry before printing, enable the capturing of Twitter Handles, as well as enable brief surveys during each session. We are confident that these simple tools will lead to new sales leads, one more reason why SloMo Booth is such a great investment!

our software offers a variety of customization options for your slow motion booth event!

100% Customizable – Unique Branding For Each Event

Our intuitive back-end allows the Admin to completely customize and brand the SloMo Booth interface on a per event basis. This means your clients will feel extra special because all of the elements will be to their specifications! Also, you are able to watermark each photo and video with your Company's branding for some additional exposure.
video slideshow software

External Display – Easily Feature A Slideshow Of SloMo Sessions From The Event!

Seamlessly create slideshows to display on an external monitor at your events! As videos are created, they will be added to the playlist, allowing everyone at the event to enjoy the SloMo Booth sessions. Our Turn-Key system comes with an external USB 3.0 video card that allows you to connect up to 2 external displays to your SloMo Booth computer effortlessly. Also, the SloMo Booth computer is compatible with Intel's "WiDi" system, which allows you to hook-up wireless displays; great for elegant, clean set-ups.

slow motion booth is just as fast as a regular photo booth!

Workflow – Much More Fun Than A Standard Photo Booth, And Faster!

The SloMo Booth work flow is much more exciting than a standard photo booth! Users get to create a video, re-watch it, and then pick stills form it for a beautiful print on high-quality photo paper, after which they can share with the world! Does it get much better than that?
Also, everything is happening in real time, so in most cases our SloMo booth software process is quicker than that of a traditional photo booth which mean increased productivity!
slomo booths offers excellent 24/7 support

Support – 24/7 Support, Customer Forums, and Ticket System

We are very dedicated to the success of our clients, and we believe one of the most important ingredients of success is excellent support. Whether you're just at the shop messing around with SloMo Booth or at an important event, you will receive world class Phone, Email, and ticket support any day of the year! Our Turn-Key package comes with a full year of 24/7 Phone, Email, and ticket support* with blazing fast turn around times, we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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*24/7 Support is designated and available for users who are live at an event in need of immediate assistance. This is not a guarantee that someone will be available to answer your call right away but we will return missed calls and voicemails left on our Support line (option 3) within 30 minutes during “Event Hours” which are after 7:30pm EST Monday-Friday and 12:00pm-1:00am Saturday. All other support inquires are to be handled through our extensive and user friendly support website or by emailing